Android Power State Change

I forgot if I did this before or if it worked before. I add these two intent filters to AndroidManifest.xml


but it wouldn’t work. That’s super weird. Cause that’s a very basic and simple setting. After searching a little while, I realize that’s PowerManager setting. Check the here.

mHandler = new NotifierHandler(looper);
mScreenOnIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_SCREEN_ON);
mScreenOffIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_SCREEN_OFF);
mScreenBrightnessBoostIntent =
                new Intent(PowerManager.ACTION_SCREEN_BRIGHTNESS_BOOST_CHANGED);

You can see the detail here. Android framework uses these two flags – FLAG_RECEIVER_REGISTERED_ONLY/FLAG_RECEIVER_FOREGROUND to limit which way that Apps can receive these intents.

Why Android want to do this? cause this is for security purpose. Think about that: once a virus in your phone, it might wanna restart immediately or does something in the background when your phone is on. Via these flags, you need to program that setting in your code instead of in your AndroidManifest.xml.

In that way(register in code), your App will have that ability to receive related intents and do something you wanna do.

Then, how do we make sure we can receive a notification when the phone is on, I mean, unlock and enter into launcher? Try this intent: ACTION_USER_PRESENT. And this intent can be added into AndroidManifest.xml. So, you definitely can receive that from system.

Happy codeing.


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